Tomorrow, Accra is going to be enriched with gold dust from the chalices of the hoofs of the house of the Legendary Northern King as his life and the history of his great kingdom would be enacted in the Programme themed: NAA GBEWA- The Northern Experience A Celebration of the History of Modern Ghana’s Oldest Kingdom. The event, is due to take place at the National Theatre of Ghana (Folks Place and Drive Through) as part of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

Accra Dot

The event starting at 12 and ending at 9pm is the second edition of The Northern Experience. It hopes to honour and celebrate the heritage of Naa Gbewa , the ancestor of the Mole-Dagomba States of the north, through curated displays of music, film, dance, poetry, food and merchandise of the people of Northern Ghana.

Cedi News -Tumbani

Hakeem Adam, one of the producers of the show stated that the show aims to bridge the knowledge gap most Ghanaians experience with regards to the history of northern Ghana. Through the programme which includes a film screening, panel discussion and various music and dance performances. He added ” we hope to share the story of Naa Gbewa which will give proper context to the contemporary history and development of northern Ghana. Younger people should be interested as the event will expand upon the little known about the kingdoms in northern Ghana from various history lessons and expose them to the nature and depth of culture present there.”

Naa Gbewa

Legend has it that Naa Gbewa, a prince and cavalry man, came and established one of the largest West African empires during the 11th century. From his ancestry was born many great kingdoms that continue to rule most of Northern Ghana today. Ndewura Jakpa, Tohaze, etc. The elective Historians, raise your hands in the air. And use your cow tails to give a wave like this.
Well, they tout themselves as the oldest kingdom in Modern Ghana. Wouldn’t you rather want to find out with me at this event?
Following years of research into this legend by researcher and filmmaker Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seini, that culminated in a documentary film titled The Forgotten Kingdom? Chronicles of the North. The film will be will be screened followed by a panel discussion with various scholars and traditional rulers around the need to preserve and respect this history and forge unity would follow.
As king Ayisoba would say: I want to see you my fathers!

cafe OTO

NAA GBEWA – THE NORTHERN EXPERIENCE is engineered to educate all interested persons, especially Ghanaians from Northern Ghana, about their common ancestry and thereby promote peace, unity and economic opportunities within the regions and Ghana as a whole.
For the I-want-to-shake my body, be ready to battle it out with The Ghana Dance and Traditional Dancers. The bama ya dance. ‘Bamaya’ is a Dagbani word which literally means ‘’the river or valley is wet’’. This dance is mostly done by men who are dressed in feminine outfits.

Universal tongue

Why do the men wear female outfits? Is it a promotion of cross dressing and transgender? We will soon find out.

For the I-want-to- listen to music without instruments. Not Acapella . Poems that flows through the black Volta. Why not close your eyes and see with your souls as Chief Moomen,

Chief Abdul Moomen -Poet

A son of the land transports you in the journey?
.For the ‘I-want to see –it-with my naked eyes people, the photo gbeeis. They would be photography exhibition titled Through the Eyes of My Fathers, which visually chronicles the history and landscape of Northern Ghana, with a strong emphasis on Naa Gbewa’s lineage across the major ethnic groups in the region. This Saturday. We will dig into the chant: Wu kum apem, Apem beba.
The journey of the Northern Experience would not end until the return of the Ya-Na is celebrated isn’t it?

Chale Wote, Len la.


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