Flash Fiction: Somewhere New

“He opened his mouth, shocked, when he saw one boy plant a kiss on a girl’s lips and nobody cared. Where he came from, one dared not try this.”

I am in the climax of this intricately woven Kusi, basket of a J.J.C (Johny Just Come) story. I haven’t turned a page yet on the captivating story titled “Somewhere New”.The story ends, before I turn a new leaf.

According to the Author, Josephine Attafuah, Flash Fiction is the name of her genre. The above story was recently published in an international magazine.

When I asked her what is flash fiction, she taught me that it is the last born of stories. So we have Flash Fiction which can has even 50 word count or less, then last but one born short story, then a novelette and Ogboro novel. You see that thing?

‘ I started writing at a very young age. As far as I remember, I was in class three then. I was walking home with my friend after school all of a sudden I found myself telling her a story from my head. I claimed I had written it but I hadn’t. I then had to go home, sat down and wrote the full story for her to read the next day and that was how it started”

And that was how it started. You can relate paa erhm.You are Toli master erhmm. Why don’t you share your creative imaginations with the world? Your world can be your WhatsApp friends or your family cat. Just write. In a flash. Selfie writing. Kraa. A page or less.

If you send it to me, My guest you are. I will publish it on my blog on your behalf kia kia (Fast in Yoruba). Just WhatsApp me your flash fiction on +233540298325. Not more than 300 words not less than 50 words.

You don’t need to be an English Pro. Josephine is a French and Political Science student. We too we go write some abi?

Waiting for your fiction in a flash!
While you wait for mine and I wait for yours, why not read another of Josephine in a quick flash? On her blog titled “Under the storm”. Click here.


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