Venovidzonu: Stonebwoy’s charm beads


During the 2019 VGMA, many complimented him of being a gentle man of gentlemen due not only to his demeanour but also his dressing. How you dress is how you will be addressed runs through all cultures in Ghana. Stonebwoy’s beads (unbeknownest to many fans. Do you know?) rightly distinguished him as Etse, A twin from the Anlo land.

stone two

The inexpensive and likely-to- be missed accessory which adorned the left wrist of the Dancehall king speaks volumes indeed. It is called Venovidzonu.
According to the Eʋes , the predominately brown but inter-spersed with white and black beads has deep cultural and spiritual meaning. The brown means mother earth-for having a new generation; the white is for joy, happiness, success for having the twins; and black is a representative of the ancestors, since twins are sometimes treated as mini gods who can communicate with the dead and even dwarfs. No matter your spiritual or religious inclination, these beady symbols strikes a cord right?


While some African people see twins as a curse or a bad omen and are sometimes banished from the towns with their parents, Twins have a special place in the hearts of eʋe families. At their birth and sometimes throughout their lives, special rites are performed for them called Venovi Konu. (These rites are gradually fading out due to Religious globalization). During their special birth rites, these beads are are tied on the left wrist of Twins, parents of twins and sometimes siblings of these twins since they are believed to bring good luck. Twins are therefore given gifts and accorded kingly and queenly treatments. How does one decipher a twin? Through his or her beads.
The beads also mark them to be revered in society. Venoviwo are also feared with many mysteries woven around their personality. Some say they eat late at night so they are spiritual monkeys. My mom told me that when she narrated how she saw I and my twin brother in a dream recently turn into monkeys. Yerp, you heard me right. I am a twin. Just like Etse, Stonebwoy who has lost his twin brother, once a twin, always a twin.
My name? I am called Atsufoe. And he is called Atsu. According to spiritual believe, the twin who comes first is the younger. He or she is sent to see if the world is good for habitation. If it is good, he or she stays, if not, he or she goes back (Dies) and tells the other not to come. (Resulting in still births). The female usually comes first, so she is called efoe. Atsufoe. Younger Sister of Atsu. Two males are called Atsu kple Este, Two females are called Atawa kple Atawa Kuma. The child after twins is called Edoe. Are you tired of giving your children the western names of June July? Dish out from these homely names. It should be noted that these names may vary according to dialects.
The notion that Venyoviwo have mystical powers especially in their beads was debunked at the just ended VGMA right? Otherwise Stonebwoy should just have spirited away while spitting fire like a dragon upon Shatta Wale and his militants. We twins are just like you. Humans. Mixed with little mischiefs especially if we are identical :Not only in face but in thoughts. We are a gang! Doesn’t the lyrics of the Popular Borborbor Song say: De nu le nku dzinam eya ta amewo zor na ve ve ve lo.


What are some myths you have heard about twins and their beads. Share with us, not to emphasize stereotypes, but to debunk them and have a good laugh. I am a single twin like Stonebwoy, you can ask me any questions. Leave your comments. If you are a twin, singular or double plural, share your experiences in the comment session. Some myths do work. Wink. Like being paid to massage my mother. That is her faith. It works according to her faith. I had privileges like an occasional egg gift once. I was relatively pampered by mom, because, I could bring battalions of twins to discipline her in her sleep. Arhhh. That is what she said ooh. I had this serious close to menacing look in my childhood that made me look like I was in an eternal commune with my brother whom I lost at age two. Maybe I was. I just wanted to look and feel untouchable, at least to mom. It didn’t work occasionally. I got the beatings of life on days I refuse to put a morsel of food on the ground for Atsu (My believe). Truth be told, I don’t remember meeting any battalions before. I sometimes wish to see his spirit, even now. Maybe the village people have such opportunities…I envy them.

Tell us how twins are called in your tribe. I know the Hausas have Asana and Fuseina for women, and Fuseini and is it Hassan for the men? The Yorubas have Keyinde and Taiwo; Panyin and Kakara among the Akans, Akorley and Akorkor among the Gas. Leave your comments. Let’s see which twin name get’s the bragging rights! So if you have the guts; Mi dzo. Zo va midzo.


  1. Sorry for your loss sis.
    “Mega fe kple venorviwo olo, woa kor yi ati korkor tame vame”
    As a kid, that was the statement I feared most about Twins.

    I’m Ntumy Godwin Addison from Kpando Volta Region.
    Last year, I loss my Uncle and Aunty who where Twins.
    I have a special love for Twins.
    Bless you Sister Atsufoe


    1. Mega fe kple venoviwo.
      Sorry for the loss of your Aunty and Uncle. For me it is unfortunate I don’t have vivid recollections of him save for pictures.


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