Highlife Time 3: The litmus Test of Shatta Wale’s Level

“I Know my level” wins Highlife song of the year!!!! Apart from the #ShattaMilitants who are standing at salute 24/7 for their Commander-General, many Ghanaians are expressing shock the song was even nominated in the highlife category. Some say it was bought or a mere compensation from the organizers. “It is an insult to the connoisseurs of highlife such as A.B Crenstil, Jewel Ackah, Nana Ampadu”; others are lamenting.

Can we declare the debate duly opened? I know all the militants have bragging rights. With debates, to win more points means no insults. Facts! Facts!! Facts!!! You koraa, what be Highlife?

Let me give you a little apo. Just a whisper. Come close. Have you heard of HIGHLIFE TIME 3? It is a never-dropping, glued-to-the -eye vivid written account of the rites of passage for the legend called HighLife that will give you the much needed points in this debate.

Apo is ended. Don’t write it on your tighs and palms. Ask ehem. Just coughing. Let me expound the apor for you. Eeei. Your ears are doing you teen teen teen erhmmmm. Draw closer. Close. Ebei! Don’t step on my feet. You like filla too much!

Authored by Ghana-bred John Collins who has had encounters with the ancestors and living legends of the genre such as palm wine music tappers; Kwaa Mensah , Ani Johnson, through to the Funky rapper Gyedu-Blay Ambolley with Osibisa band joining in with their Waya eei chorus.

Why I think this book is a worthy weapon for and against “I know my level” Highlife win critics? I read on Shatta Wale! In the book! Not bandana ooh. Rebaptised and renamed Shatta Wale. “I know my level” wasn’t born by the time the book went to the press in 2018 though. You know, we are very fertile. Every ovulation, we concieve a new child. Eeei. Song I mean. I have pictures to prove Shatta’s mention.

Bhim don show! King Sark, the Adoni messenger has also been featured in HighLife Time 3.Gospel music too? Is HighLife a variegated stew?

Oh yeah! Our 90s bhad girl left her mark!

Have you heard of burger highlife? Gospel highlife? Hiphop highlife ( i.e hiplife)? #Ayoo. #paapapa. Those who think highlife is for oldies, What about Contemporary highlife?

This is not travel and see ooh. This is read and brag!

Grab your copy now for an engaging conversation on this platform and your musically inclined friends. You can get a copy at the Ghana Association of Writers’ Bookshop. Near former Class F.M Station at Roman Ridge. Or I can link you up with the Publisher.

The debate is fully open. Did “I know my level” merit the Highlife song of the year?

While you are bringing your points. Ehem, The book, HighLife Time 3 nu contains rich interviews and accounts of not only of Ghanaian artiste but many African acts who had a sip of Highlife brewed in the Ghanaian pot such as the “Expensive Shit” hit maker, Fela Kuti of Nigeria, Ebenezer Calendar of Sierra Leone, Fatu Gayflor of Liberia, Alpha Blondy of Ivory Coast, Angelique Kidjo and Agboti Yao of Benin and Togo respectively. I must say, This is a Pan African read!

With the crafty Kofi Akpabli on the editorial board, I can bet my last kobo that this is a captivating read that will lead you on with varieties of ecstasies. I mean musical pleasure. Real pleasure. Omu ada naa?

Shhhh. Any one who has not read this book with you has no right arguing with us, right?!

You can find HighLife Time 3 on Amazon too. If you are finding difficulties, Contact me. Here or Facebook inbox: Alberta Mortty

NB: PHOTO CREDIT: All images used in this post were taken from the book, HighLife Time 3.


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