Cemetery on Castle Road

Just as these cars neared the place, they slowed down in reverence when approaching the cemetery. No I mean, at first I thought the Osu cemetery has being relocated. The cemetery later turned out to be dangling tree branches hanging precariously on the Gamel Abdul Nasser Road. The cars try to swerve it. The come to the middle of the road. They still collide with it.

Winwinwin. Later in the evening, the ministers and Parliamentarians would pass in their “Ambulances” and “Hearses”. Winwinwinwin. The road? It is a road (Opposite the C.I.D Head Quarters)which is a short cut to the Ministries, the Castle, The British High Commission, The Accra International Conference Center, the Ghana Football Association, etc and mainly the only road to a majority of G.I.J Students. The following day after these images were taken, which is today, it rained, and the branches were cut. Who is responsible for maintenance in this Africa’s cleanest and beautifullest city? Well, the tree is housed by the Ghana Revenue Authority.


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