BLEWU – Aviha of an Eve Prophetess

Benin is known for her Amazonian Warriors and she sings like one. But on the 11th of November 2018,  Angelique Kidjo, a Benin World beat Musician performed the priestly duties of a tronusi leading those who have passed on beyond the veil in hot blood of war; to celebrate Peace and the memory of the fallen African soldiers of World War One in front of the leaders of this World under the Arc De Triomphe. Just like Owen’s Anguish of the undone years”, Eves believe the souls of young men who die on “avagbedzi” take time to settle in death .Dying in war, accident, for some religions is a passport to Paradise, but for Eves; Anguish of hopes lost.

Venerable Angelique had the ardous task of calming millions of Young and vibrant sons, gently guiding them back for repose until we meet again.  Mesmerizing the dark clothed movers and shakers of the world who were in a funereal mood and who looked like habitual repentant I-Will-Do-It-Tomorrow children in pensive mood before their parents. Blewuu eeeeiiii… She chants.


It is the centenary of the end of the First world war. First of many wars. And how apt was her prophetic selection. Angelique chose to sing a song in a not so popular language of the world; Eve; which is spoken by some Ghanaians, Togolese and Beninios with varying dialects. Blewu which was originally sung by Bella Bellow who tragically and ironically died in a road accident (Brings to mind the number of People dying especially in Africa through road accidents especially due to over-speeding. To the politicians, they are mere statistics.) One did not have to throw her head around before prophesying from Jah.
Blewuu eeei Mia ka kpe loo…A message of hope to many who have passed on especially in times of war. Are warriors time conscious people? B33b3i they will say as my boys school. And here was Angelique telling them that as they hasten slowly to the world of the dead, we shall meet.
Eves have a sorrowful past, marked with death, diseases, and oppression. This leads to the prominence of AVIHA in their musical repertoire. A dirge or songs of tears are usually heard to mark the pains of this world, the vanities there in. It is not only that Eves are pessimistic of the world, but also as hugely spiritual people, have hopeful futures, if and only if narratives change. Even though Eves believe in a miracles, they also believe that actions have consequences, such as war.
Therefore Eves are seen as a highly cautious people. If one does not know an ewe, he or she might think they lack initiative or are  fearful. A true friend of an Eve knows that, Eves strive to use wisdom and tact over emotions during decision making. And when an eve man strikes, he strikes hard. Just like the electric stove, They are seen as difficult people because they don’t easily change their mind, Maybe because they don’t easily make their mind too. Blewuuu. Angelique as a true daughter of Eve land served as a seer to these world leaders in her music. Hastiness to trouble tends. Many of the wars in the world has being started by hasty decisions and on raw emotions of leaders. The President from the Bush is noted to have said of himself during an interview: “I’m a gut player. I play by instincts. I don’t play by the book” Making reference of his War with Iran decision among others, Washington Post writer, Bob Woodward said of the man from the Bush ” I think he is impatient. I think, my summation: He doesn’t like homework. And homework means reading or getting briefed or having a debate. And part of the Presidency, part of governing, particularly in this area, is homework, homework, homework” If Presidents are in a hurry, a single track cannot contain their speed, that is where there must needs be for double tracks and triple tracks. On your max!, If I was by the fireside with my siblings and Nonga  during a story telling, I would have shot my hands high up, M3 no et3fui:

“No vinyo ob3i ny3 fla lo

k3 ma dzei anyi ob3i m3 zo do do 

m3i zo do do

ny3 fla ny3 fla ka ba…”

( To wit, my brethren say I should hurry , but when I fall, they say I should slow down .Pardon my Eve, I schooled in Accra and never studied Eve in school, just boarding trotro everyday at killer speeds which had stickers such as: No hurry in life, Over speeding kills, kill your speed)
Mawusi me mia me le. As I said earlier, on spirituality of Eves and the popular quote by Wale Adenuga, “we are nothing, but pencils in the hands of the creator.” However, we are not always inanimate things, The Lord gives as agency to act for ourselves to choose good over evil. Conscience. What do you feel when you see a new born baby smile ( And you feel like Goerge Strait) what about when you intentionally step on your neighbours toes. Very hard with your high heels? World super powers are checking their missiles like my grand uncle who sharpens his cutlass even during the dry season, you never know when it will rain, he will philosophize. What lessons have we learnt? Blewuuu. BREXIT BLEWUU, TRADE WARS BLEWUU, FREE SHS BLEWUU AIII.
In the world of increasing secularism, and I do what I like and what makes me happy. Angelique reiterates the need for meditation by humanity to the Higher being: Any Higher being we believe. Meditation is on effective way of making more precise decisions. Me do gbei da. Not just Christian Prayer, but a quite time to hear from the inner self. What do you feel, what do you hear, what do you taste in the supernatural world. Many of us do not have time to chew and savour the taste of a food we have taken time to prepare, or worst still we grab a fast-food and gobble it down pushing it down our throat with a fizzy drink. While listening to “Time no dey” ooh. Most of us are active hearers then even passive listeners. God dey, we dey, time dey. Blewu.
Apart from the solemnity of the music and the effect be it temporary or permanent it may have on this leaders taking into account the universality of music, I wish everyone who chances upon this Music takes time to digest the words and you will appreciate it more. We have freedom to choose just like Agboti Yaw will declare: Ablorde Gbadzaa. But as for me and my house, we choose to follow the goddess of this earth: Blewu aaaiii

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