Ananse: The going is coming…

27 of June,2018 was a normal moody face of Accra during the rainy season. Nothing new. No news. Until the children who squatted by the firesides came running home that they had seen “Aunty Efua” on Google. That is normal, Until I went to search “Aunty Efua” on Google and Realized “Aunty Efua” is Google today.


As a recent phenomenon, Google artistically uses special  events people in writing Their Google Doodle.
Today I saw Aunty Efua on Google. No, I saw Aunty Efua in Google.
She was G.O.O.G.L.E
Apart from Edufa and…, Efua Sutherland is known for her Drama Play, The Marriage of Anansewa. She not only slightly deviates from the Role of Ananse in dubbing his own family through his cunning craziness, She gives women a voice in this Play as she “Kills” the Four sons of Ananse(So don’t expect to see Etekelenkele and his brothers) and makes Anansewa and her Aunty, grandma and Girlfriend of Ananse main characters.
I should whip your appetite?Take a sip.

Ananse : Very pleased. It’s really coming right. Try not to move any part of your body. (Anansewa tries) Oh yes…And now…Can’t you hold your breath?

Anansewa: (Finding this too much) Hold my breath! I shouldn’t breath? As for that, definitely no, I can’t do it and will not.
Ananse:Oh but my daughter, it’s necessary for you to die!
Anansewa:Me?(Words fail her.) but father, I’m alive. I’m open-eyed. How can I switch off and on like electricity. (The Marriage of Anansewa, By Efua Sutherland )

Indeed, how can Anansewa switch on and off like electricity?!
Do you know Kweku Ananse had an English name? And do you know Ananse has an English name?
Hmmm…When we meet by the fireside tonight, I will tell you.
Before the sun returns to sleep, and while we await by the firesides,  why don’t you grab a copy of Efua Sutherland’s Story Drama:The Marriage of Anansewa.
NB: A prophet is not honoured in his own land. So you may go now to the land of Google and know more about The Literary Giant who Stormed the Theatres in the hearts of the young and old. For the Land beside the Ghana National Theatre which bears her name, I do not know what is becoming of her.


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