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The above painting is an oil and Canvas painting by a 16th Century Artist , Rene  Magritte. Its name is THE RAPE.

This artwork is a crude remainder of how men, no, in other not to be crucified, most men saw women in his day. Sadly, In our Postmodernist world now too.. He must be a Prophet! Looking at the painting closely, you can see for yourself the female Genitalia plastered on her face.

According to Magritte, Rapists in particular, when they see women, what comes into their mind is: Sex. And all elements of Sexual satisfaction.

Over the years, there are continual scholarly works and discussions on the sexual objectification of women. Like, in the Ghanaian parlance: Men will chase anything in skirt. But with the rape of a four year old recently and a toddler some weeks past, I will better qualify it by saying: Rapists will sleep with any being with copper earrings.

Sitting beside my friend who is a huge advocate for women causing Rape, He will mutter his favourite Bible quotation when a Lady he feels is a daughter of Delilah passes by:

“And lead us not into Temptation,
But deliver us from evil”

Since these victims are not wearing the excuse-For-Rape Skirts and she-is-Tempting-me Cropped top Iced with Kiss My lips Nana Konadu Signature Red lips, The blame game is over right? I mean, blaming women for leading men into temptation.


Now tempers are cooling off, (As is the consolation of many offenders: This is Ghana. They will talk about it and soon will forget.),   I hope it is the time for us to think now more coherently. I mean after the: Crucify him!Crucify him!!! Is Jailing just Him enough?. I mean is jailing  Guy who is the Scape Goat going to curb such a menance?
Kindly drop your views.

To the men, I put to you, when you see a female,body, What narratives come into your mind?
Kindly drop your views.

What can you do as an individual to change the sexual objectification stereotype of females in the society?
Kindly drop your views.

To my national Service Male Personnel, How are you able to deal with the L/As (Local Attraction) in your various areas? I want to hear.
My ears are doing me tintintin. Haha.
Kindly drop your

Have terrific Tuesday, Folks.


    1. Thanks Mercy for re-reading. Infact ,for studying. Sometimes,Some writeups need pondering. And you did just that. I am grateful. Most of my works are will be with a little more creativite twists. Thanks for being my audience and I hope you will come to appreciate my style of writing. Thanks Mercy.


  1. Hmmm, definitely we live in a perils times where signs and acts of such nature were prophesied of His coming in the last days. However, it doesn’t and shouldn’t justify any of such selfish and inhuman act. Scape goats who are caught should be severely dealt with, they should be handed over to the military. I believe they have the best ways to deal with such insolent and wicked rapists who classify themselves as sons of our loving Heavenly Father.


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